XEROGRAPHIC Document Solutions

Specializing in all areas of Document Output and Document Management since 1994

Xerographic Document Solutions‘ owners Rich and Bob Weise have a combined industry experience of over 70 years.  We are ready to service any of your office equipment and document flow needs. Our team is dedicated to the mutual growth and prosperity of both your company and ours. We realize that our success is in your satisfaction.

At Xerographic Document Solutions our employees listen to our customers. They are empowered to make decisions that will ensure customers have what they need from us to boost productivity, and lower document imaging costs.When you choose Xerographic Document Solutions as your provider of office technology products, you’ve chosen a company with a philosophy of simply “doing whatever it takes” to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.


Konica Minolta Dispatcher Phoenix
Outstanding Workflow Automation Platform

Konica Minolta Dispatcher Phoenix is ideal for businesses looking to automate frequently recurring, document-centric processes. Not only does the solution free employees from time-consuming, error-prone tasks so they can focus on more important matters, but it also reduces mistakes, double-work, and wasted motion from eating way at your profitability. (Based on v7)

Xerox Workflow Central
Outstanding Workflow Productivity Platform

Xerox Workflow Central is a cloud-hosted platform that automates document-centric business processes. The platform is a collection of several workflow tools that can intelligently redact sensitive information, convert documents to audio files and commonly used file formats, translate documents to different languages, and merge or summarize documents. Users can build their own custom workflows to streamline and standardize frequently recurring tasks.